elisavet (lachupacabra) wrote in sober_agnostics,

how important do you think celebrating sobriety dates is?

i just made my one year today
& got a nice call from a lady
from my GA meeting this morning.

when she asked when i was thinking
about having my pinning & i said
that i wasnt planning on having one
cause getting up in front of ppl
makes me nervous, she said i shouldnt
think about myself & that pinnings
are for other ppl too...especially
new ppl who need to see that the
program works.

i can see her point, as my 2nd meeting
was a 5 yr pinning & it was exciting to
me to see someone so successful in the
program right off the bat.

i still dont really want a pinning.

so now i feel kinda guilty for not wanting
it (dont get me wrong, i certainly want my
*pin*, i just dont want the whole to-do that
a pinning entails).

is that bad?
am i being terribly selfish?
any responses appreciated.
(x-posted a little)
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